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Offensive Propaganda

index  California Lawmakers at the Capitol think we’re not paying attention.

Page updated 7/31/2016.

Bills Introduced

HR 59 Resolution:  Introduced June 30, 2016 — Muslim Appreciation & Awareness Month

AJR-39 » – Author: levine
…Relative to Muslim Americans. Muslim Americans. This measure would commend Muslim Americans…
HR-59 » – Author: quirk
…Relative to Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month. WHEREAS, Freedom of religion holds distinction…
AB-2845 » – Author: williams
… school environments in which to learn. (2)Pupils who are Muslim, Sikh, or of South Asian descent often…
SJR-14 » – Author: gaines
… and a caliphate across the Levant through violence towards Shiites, non-Muslims, and unsupportive Sunnis…
ACR-37 » – Author: gray
Muslim; and WHEREAS, Board and lodging was provided at the students’ home at 1731 Allston Way, Berkeley…

Source:  Calif Legislative Info.

Aid workers in the Mass  Refugee Movement think we’re stupid and will fall for their offensive, sickening propaganda!!


“It became love at first sight.”  Aid worker.

Two Muslim brothers rescued by aid workers who are Catholic and Jewish.  So what?!  Two people are going to erase 1400 years of hatred and violence against “infidel” Catholics and Jews?  How stupid do you think we are?!

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) and the Jewish Refugee Services of East Bay (JFCS), California.

headquarters:  Maryland

The propaganda is obvious:  look at these multicultural interfaith “friends.”

Watch Video.  4 minutes.





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