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“You Don’t Have a Constitutional Right to Come To America.”

…………..Senator Jeff Sessions on CNN.

  • Yet, the message we get from Governor Jerry Brown, the Democrat Party, the ACLU, and  former President Obama is that all foreigners here illegally DO have a right to drivers licenses, health care, and education.  All at the taxpayers expense!

This blog is for your reference only.  We want visitors to know the magnitude and scope of California’s refugee programs.  We are not activists.

Reasons why we are critical of the Current Refugee Resettlement Programs:

  1. National security!  Radical Islamic fundamentalists have declared a jihad, a holy war, against non-Muslim countries.  Any reasonable person knows that jihadis from Muslim countries have and will infiltrate with the refugees.
  2. Preserve our way of life!
  3. The far-Left Democrats are socialist-Marxist-Communists.  Soviet Communists who created radical Muslims.
  4. They have launched the Cloward-Piven Strategy which intends to bring our nation to a state of economic and social collapse.
  5. The Red-Green Axis of the left with unsustainable and unwanted immigration policies.
  6.  Germany, the U.K. and other European countries are reversing their “open border” attitudes in favor of national security and preserving their way of life.
  7. Unelected foreign diplomats at the United Nations make decisions for immigrants who want to come and live in the U.S, where they come from and where to settle them.
  8. Executive overreach by President Obama.
  9. We have laws on the books that are ignored.

The owners of this blog are not Social Justice Catholics.

We are Catholics who oppose the bishops getting embroiled in one of the most controversial political battles of our time.  These policies place enormous economic and societal stresses on Western sovereign countries.

The Church was established by Jesus Christ to save souls.  Our bishops, through apostolic succession, have been given the Great Commission to save souls throughout the world.

Instead, they exploit Catholic generosity and use other people’s money – taxpayers – all while shaming us.  Well, shame on them!  We say:  get out of politics!

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