The pope and many bishops think YOU AND I are intolerant racists!  This is because we want and deserve a safe and sovereign nation once again!

Feb. 16-19 2017:  Modesto is host to a Papal Social Justice (read:  Marxist) Movement Meeting.

World Meeting Of Popular Uprisings Movements


Pope Francis to Grassroots Leaders: “We should be neither paralyzed by fear nor shackled within the conflict.”

The Vatican is bringing its conversation on economic inequality to California’s Central Valley. It comes at a time when the world is grappling with an America-first agenda and to a place where the economy is poor and relies on migrant labor. The four-day conference is an offshoot of global meetings launched by Pope Francis nearly three years ago to explore the “economy of exclusion.”  Read More.

Meetings Pull Racist Card

Offensive Racism Video:  “Violence Brings Racism To The Forefront”

produced by the shameless U.S. Bishops Conference!


Background.  During the Black Lives Matter riots last year, we found this video posted at the USCCB website – THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED.  IT IS EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE AND FALSE – WE ARE NOT A RACIST CHURCH!  We have pulled quotes from the video:racism-video-2


Update – we found the video on YouTube.


Shameless church leaders are using the infamous Marxist-Leninist tactic: start a Race War.

“Reds Exploiting Blacks.”  Accuracy In Media.

The Modesto Meeting . . .

An anti-American speaker is featured:


On Feb. 17

Muslima Zahra Billoo of the Muslim Brotherhood aka CAIR will speak on immigration . . .

Billoo’s tweets indicate CAIR planning civil unrest . . .


‘ Billoo loudly tells the Muslim community to be careful about speaking to the FBI in any context.  In a post on Twitter in June 2012, she wrote as a ‘public service announcement’
that, “it’s never a good idea to speak to an FBI agent without an attorney. NEVER.” ‘  Full Profile of Billoo.  Investigative Project On Terrorism (IPT).

Short analysis of Billoo – “CAIR’s Next Generation Radical” – by IPT.  Following the arrest of the infamous Portland OR Christmas Tree Bomber, Mohamed Osman Mohamud, pictured below, Ms. Billoo spoke to CBS intimating that the FBI were not preventing terrorism.  momo

FBI thwarts terrorist bombing attempt at Portland holiday tree lighting, authorities say.  OregonLive.

Crisis Magazine

“Know-Nothing Catholics On Muslim Immigration.”  William Kilpatrick.

What Catholic can forget this .  . .