Are the citizens of peace-loving Roseville being deliberately shamed by a hate-crime hoax?!   There are no known suspects at this writing.

Why Are We Skeptical?

(1)  Awareness of Muslim-perpetrated hate-crime hoaxes (link below).

(2)  Roseville is in Placer County which has a very low crime rate.

Remember Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole?  “Down The Rabbit Hole” is a  metaphor for the state of disorientation.



Don’t be like Alice.  Don’t be a disoriented dupe. 

Reality check:  Average peace-loving Americans in Roseville are known for welcoming foreigners.  We enjoy our peace.  We don’t stir up hate.  Hate attacks are designed to garner sympathy and even monetary donations.  Foreigners already have our sympathy.

A reasonably skeptical perception:

Read this!

tarbiya-imam-azeez-feb-1February 1, 2017

Anti-Muslim graffiti was reported at the Tarbiya Institute mosque in Roseville.  NBC News Story

Roseville is a suburb of Sacramento with a low incidence of crime.






Two days prior to the graffiti attack, Imam Azeez prayed at the opening of the California assembly.

He is a welcome member of the community.

After the graffiti attack on their Roseville mosque, Tarbiya Institute posted a plea for monetary donations on their Facebook page.


Feb. 3, 2017 – Methodist Bishop Leads Congregants In Muslim Prayer At Tarbiya Mosque in Roseville. 

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