Obama’s Goal for FY2017 Is 100,000 Refugees Overall

NBC News – August 29, 2016

The top destinations for Syrian refugees arriving in the U.S. are Michigan and California. More than a 10th of the 10,000 Syrians admitted this fiscal year at the urging of the Obama administration are headed to Michigan, according to State Department figures.  Most of the 1,036 new arrivals are likely to settle in and around Detroit, which has long been a magnet for Arab immigrants.  California has taken in 1,030 Syrians between Oct. 1 of last year and Aug. 29, the federal figures show.

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Obama Solves America’s Terrorist Shortage

FrontPage Mag. ” The most persecuted peoples in Syria are Christians and Yazidis. Obama has officially resettled 9,144 Syrians. 9,077 of them are Muslims. A mere 47 Christians and 14 Yazidis managed to slip through the nets of his careful screening process.”