Why would population controllers like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU want more people, immigrants, in our country?  Because Marxist-Leninism is all about control.  We the people are told what to do.

But this lawsuit makes it looks like the ACLU is shooting itself in the foot.  They want immigrants.  They should be grateful that religious VOLAGS – volunteer agencies – are orchestrating mass immigration.

It’s always about abortion.  Our position is that abortion is not health care.


From the ACLU’s perspective, Catholic Charities is taking millions of dollars in federal contracts to care for migrant children and teenagers, and it’s the nonprofit’s job to carry out what the government wants — including abortion access. From the Catholic perspective, the government is yet again putting new requirements on existing contracts, and following those requirements would facilitate women getting abortions, in contravention of their faith and their organizational policy.

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