White House deputy spokesman Mark Toner:

Welcome to the “transparency” of the Barack Obama White House.

From the Daily Briefing Transcript

August 4, 2016

Reporter’s QUESTION: On Syrian refugees, very quickly. I know there is something probably come out tomorrow on the status of the Syrian refugees. Do you know how many refugees have been admitted? You’re saying that the target —


QUESTION: The target is 10,000.


QUESTION: And it’s in October?

MR TONER: I do. I can say as of August 4th there have been nearly 8,000. The exact figure is 7,905 Syrian refugees have been admitted. That’s as of August 4th.

QUESTION: So by all accounts, you’ll be able to meet the target of 10,000 by the end of the fiscal year?

MR TONER: (Knocks.) Is this wood? Yes. We knock on it. I knock on it.

The Take Away — I’m not a reporter.  I won’t try to make this sound like it actually came from an honest human being because I don’t think anyone in the Obama Admin is ever honest and never will be honest.

Did you notice how quickly he ran through the topic?

Did you notice the reporters did NOT ASK:

where are they going to be going in the U.S.?

how many are Muslim?


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