Government Numbers getting thrown around to prevent us from the truth.

Today I found the following notice from March:

FY 2017 Reception and Placement (R&P) Program

Funding Opportunity Announcement
March 21, 2016

Refugee Projections by region are as follows:

44,000 Near East (“Middle East”)and South Asia

30,000 Africa

12,000 East Asia

 5,000 Europe and Central Asia (the “Stans”)

 5,000 Latin America and the Caribbean

4,000 Unallocated Reserve

7,000 Special Immigrant Visa

TOTAL = 107,000

Well, apparently that’s not enough “refugees!”  Today I also read Ann Corcoran’s astonishing find:  I’m not trying to compete with Ann but on a learning curve and was unaware of this council:

Refugee Council USA (RCUSA)

2016 un summit

RCUSA’s Statement re Upcoming U.N. Summit:

The U.S. should commit to provide protection to 200,000 refugees through admission to the United States in FY 2017.  PDF.

milk-cheese-cauldron-16069181 In Their Soup Caldron:  Member Organizations

Just let it cook down until nothing remains of our country!