A little background.  “Rwanda is currently home to over 73,000 Congolese refugees hosted in five camps and over 70,000 Burundian refugees hosted at the Mahama camp, three reception centres and in urban settings. Security in the region remains precarious, particularly in eastern DRC and Burundi, thus reducing the prospects of repatriation of the refugees in the near future.”  World Food Program.

From the Propaganda department. . . from a California university.

uc davis

My comment:


Maybe I was off topic.  Yet, the university is in California, the state with the largest number of refugees.  But, oh no, they research a refugee camp in a foreign country.  Read the R&D Mag report.  Plus, Friends of Refugees would love proof, no matter how flimsy, that refugees have nothing but a “positive economic impact.

Suggestion:  U.C. Davis ought to research why Sacramento’s Afghan refugees are placed in cockroach-infested slums!  The SacBee special series exposed it:

“Substandard housing for Afghan refugees reflects larger problem in Sacramento County.”  Sacramento Bee.

The owners were cited for health issues, including having cockroaches, rats and bedbugs in the apartments. They were also cited for building safety violations, including dry rot, which in some cases was found throughout the properties on staircase support beams and the undersides of balconies.

Of course, the left-wing paper will NEVER point the finger at their beloved Democratic Party!