The Entire Month of August!?

Hey, Bill Quirk, we’re at war with Muslim jihadis!

California Assemblyman Bill Quirk of Hayward, introduced HB59 on June 30, 2016 in the Rules Committee.  It has gotten plenty of internet sites talking about it.  (Google “california muslim appreciation.”)

Muslim Jihadi Attacks in June 2016

Attacks 238
Killed 2055
Injured 2006
Suicide Blasts 43
Countries 33

Jihad Report:  The Religion of Peace (left sidebar)

But that bill is not the only one of its kind.  Visit our “Offensive Propaganda” page to see more.

We can only imagine the horror that the survivors of the jihadi attack on the Twin Towers must be reacting to the bill. 

Contact Bill Quirk (rhymes with jerk)

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