Learning Curve

I’m on a learning curve finding data re Cali refugee arrivals, diseases, etc.  One has to dig deep into governmental agencies of California to find refugee data.  Of course you know that there is a gag order from Obama Admin on our good sheriffs that prevents law enforcement from alerting the public about immigrant arrivals. Heck, they can’t even correctly name jihadi crimes.

Faisal Mohammad

Remember Faisal Mohammad at UC Merced who went on a stabbing spree Nov. 4, 2015?  “Were law enforcement leaders and UC chancellor aware of the threat from terrorists/extremists?”  Merced County News.   Also here’s Robert Spencer’s report, “UC Merced mourns, sympathizes with jihad stabber Faisal Mohammad.”  (Faisal was killed by police.)

⇒The take-away:  Faisal Mohammad’s parents are immigrants from Pakistan and he was born in the U.S.  They live in Santa Clara, CA.

Coming (or already here?) to Sacto:  2,500 refugees from Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey

Twin Rivers School District is preparing for 2500 refugees who will be settling in the Foothill Farms and North Highland area.  75% of the refugees will be children. San Juan School District has seen an influx of refugees in the Arden/Arcade area.  Informed by CDC that schools must take children no matter their IZ status [immunization].
Refugees will be from Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey. They are creating a “Welcoming Center.”  Refugee clinic receives funding. Children are supposed to get Medi-Cal within one month. Have received 80 children so far. ‘
Source pdfMarch 8, 2016 Meeting Minutes – California Dept. of HHS, Maternal Child & Adolescent Health Advisory Board.
Obtained by “refugees” search at Sacto County.
Map shows the two neighborhoods and school district affected by influx of refugees.
Map TwinRiversUnified SD

Speaking of our good sheriffs who are gagged, watch THIS VIDEO of Sacto Sheriff: a critic of Obama’s immigration programs.

A Message from Sheriff Scott Jones, Sacramento to President Barack Obama.