Axe Attack by Muslim Migrant:   What Else Did Angela Merkel Expect?

The latest jihad attack in Germany reveals how difficult it is becoming for the political and media elites to maintain their fantasy-based narrative in the face of reality.  An axe-wielding Muslim refugee from Afghanistan stormed a train, screamed “Allahu akbar” and began attacking passengers. This happened, of course, as a result of policies that Angela Merkel aggressively pursued. And as she did so, she must have known that this kind of thing would start happening. What else could she possibly have expected?

Those who called for Europe to take in as many Muslim migrants as possible may have foreseen this: after all, they insisted that the refugees were not a danger, but were in danger. Only racist bigoted Islamophobes would dare express any skepticism about the wisdom of admitting these refugees, we were told. To oppose the Muslim migrant influx into Europe was evidence of a moral defect, we were told.

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